Veni, vidi... Bici in English !


On this page, you will find the work done by our students in English in relation to the Erasmus + project.

Safety first!

The students from the English Working Group in Pringy created posters to remind every one of us how essential safety is.

Nicolas H. (4B)

Safety first by Nicolas H. (4B)





























Lieven O. (4C)

Safety first by Lieven O (4C)














Juliette V. (4C)

Safety first by Juliette V (4C)

Let's take the quiz!

Are you ready for the Veni Vidi Bici quiz?

Click HERE to answer the questions created by some Eramus + students in Pringy.

Who wants to be a millionaire 1


Word cloud


Word cloud created by Juliette, Nicolas and Lieven.

School leaflets

For one of their final tasks, the Pringy students in Year 8 designed a school leaflet. Groupe scolaire

Please click on the following links to see their production:

Alix and Antéa (5A): Alix et AnteaAlix et Antea (894.79 Ko)

Aliza and Lily (5A): Aliza et LilyAliza et Lily (1.01 Mo)

Clément and Jonathan (5A): Jonathan et ClementJonathan et Clement (777.11 Ko)

Emma and Charlize (5E): Emma et CharlizeEmma et Charlize (688.78 Ko)

Valentine and Sixtine (5E): Valentine et SixtineValentine et Sixtine (912.36 Ko)


Erasmus + exhibition

For the Erasmus Days in October 2018, we created an exhibition to show all the activities we have done since the start of our project.

The students from the English Working Group in La Salle Pringy made an audioguide. Click on the video to see and listen to a short presentation of this exhibition.